Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday in Guangzhou

Today was our last full day here in China. We've had a wonderful time here, but we're so exciting to get home to see Olivia, Jackson and Elijah - we've missed them so much! We leave very early in the morning, fly to Beijing, have a five hour layover, and then an 11 hour flight to Seattle. I can't wait to see how Sophia does with her new siblings. She such a sweetie and her personality is really starting to show more and more each day. She is also warming up to me and today was a pretty good day - she played with me, let me hold her a few times and even gave me a few kisses. I'll take that!

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel home. God has been so good to us and we are so thankful for His blessings! To close this last blog from China, I thought I'd share some misc. pictures. No particular order, just some of what we've experienced here and some cute shots of our doll baby.

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Finally! She came over and sat with me for a few minutes yesterday.

This entire mall is nothing but pearls, jade and beads. It's hard to believe they can sell so much, but apparently, they do!

View of Guangzhou from a boat on the Pearl River. Everything is so lit up - it was really very pretty.

Squid on a stick. Want some?

Rodney tried it...

And believe it or not, so did I! I didn't care for it though - it was too spicy for me. (Rodney said I look like I'm in pain here... I almost was!)

We did not, however, try the duck with the head still on it.

Sight seeing and shopping were a great way to kill some time here.

We're staying at the Garden Hotel, but we still did the traditional Red Couch photos at the White Swan. Unfortunately, she wasn't all that into it.

Even so, she was SO cute!

Back at the Garden - we continued the photo shoot with some of our travel group. Here she is just hanging out with Daddy while we waited.

Sisters... I love this one.

She actually gave me several kisses today!

One last group shot before we all head home. It's hard to remember it's almost Christmas when the weather has been so beautiful here. The hotel has done a beautiful job of decorating though, including this enormous tree in front of it.

The Empress doesn't like to stray far from her royal carriage... or her body guard. She loves them both. :-)

 Till next time (and from home!)


  1. Karee! She is just so beautiful. I am so happy for you! I know you've loved those kisses!

  2. Oh my goodness! You are traveling with Patty Polk Smith and her family. I've known Patty for years. Hannah and her daughter, Riley, are both from Fuzhou SWI...found a few days apart and adopted a few days apart. In fact, Patty has always questioned if the girls are twins. Wow...if you hadn't posted that photo, I would never have known.

    Your pictures are lovely....and Sophia is just sooooo beautiful. I'm thrilled for you that she is warming up. Soon you will be home again...I bet you cannot wait to have your family altogether again!